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Help - Cant get past SafeBOOT

To make a long story short.. One of our employees decided that before they laid him off that he as going to set a BIOS password and a password in the HP Protect tools which uses safe-boot. and of course no one can get a hold of him because he left town. I was able to get past the bios issue by pulling the hard drive and putting it into another machine but every time it boots I get this HP Protect tools.. Anyone have any suggestions on how we can get around this.
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RE: Help - Cant get past SafeBOOT

You can bypass it in one of three ways

a) enter the password
b) do a recovery using the recovery file saved to a USB stick when the product was activated
c) use the HP recovery service to reset the password if the user registered, and if you can get either the users id/password for the service, or a court order.
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