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HD encryption process interrupted

This hasn't happened -yet- but I was wondering what would happen if during the encryption process of the C: drive the laptop would suddenly shut off due to power loss. I don't want to do it and "see what happens"! We're using build 5600 and doing a full encryption of the drive.

Also, if a user's documents were encrypted then uploaded to a network share would other users still be able to open those documents? Thanks!
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RE: HD encryption process interrupted

for the first question, I guess you are talking about EEPC? If so, you'll end up in exactly the same mess with or without EEPC - you run the same risk of corrupting something critical.

to get the best defense, turn off write behind caching on your drives.

For the 2nd you're talking about files so I guess you mean EEFF? If so it depends on the policy - if you disable network encryption the files will get decrypted as they go up to the share, if you enable it, then they will be encrypted still and whether someone else can access them will depend on whether they have EEFF installed, and have rights to the creators key.
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