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Getting Error as E0050005 Unable to Save original MBR

Hi All,

I have installed the safeboot of version 5.2.2 on the client machine where the O.S is XP SP3 successfully

When I perform sync I have noticed the error E0050005 Unable to Save original MBR on sync logs where it cannot start the encryption proccess.

I have gone through the Mcafee knowledge base it saying we need to unistall Divice Lock application on the machine to get it fix.

But I am unable to find such application on my machine. Please advice.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Getting Error as E0050005 Unable to Save original MBR

Device Lock is specific software. The manual can be found here:

Other support docs are here:

The manual states:

Note: To uninstall DeviceLock, do one of the following:

Use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove DeviceLock.

- OR -

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to DeviceLock, and then click Remove


If it was deployed via Group Policy or the MMC Snap in you may need to uninstall it the same way.


Edited to add: Simon addressed this in another recent post here. An antivirus or host intrusion protection program may do this and perhaps not DL specifically. You should check the settings on your other security products and see if there are any options selected that deal with the MBR.

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Re: Getting Error as E0050005 Unable to Save original MBR

Check all your software maybe your drive been protected by some other tools or software

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