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Gateway Tablet PC- MBR issue

We have just installed the endpoint encryption on one of our Gateway tablet PC (M285-G) and after the first reboot, user types in their credentials at the PBA and right after that we got the MBR error message and the computer is not booting into windows.

How to address this issue?

Please help
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RE: Gateway Tablet PC- MBR issue

whats the message you got? What version of EEPC are you using?

RE: Gateway Tablet PC- MBR issue

It first say press F11 and then right away it giving the error message "MBR ERROR". We are using version Build 5600 v5180. I do have the safetech Cd, I have spoken with the gold support ppl, they told me to run the safetech and select the, "Restore the EEPC MBR" option from the menu. There is another option "Restore MBR". Which one should I select, the error came up after the very first reboot, and the drive is just not fully ecnrypted. Oh the support also asked to authenticate using SDB file rather than the username and password.

Do you have any opinion on this?

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