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Force decrypt in progress -- can't see progress

Hi all,

I have a machine that had 2 hard drives; the primary I knew was protected by EEM, the other I wasn't expecting to be picked up (it was a "removable" device in my eyes, but connected through a laptop's modular bay -- SATA, so seen as an attached drive).

I sent the laptop in to our tech depot to do a re-imaging of the main drive to upgrade the OS; all went well, and that drive works flawlessly. It wasn't until I inserted the modular drive into the rebuilt machine that I learned it was encrypted. Fast forward through several interesting conversations and four-letter words/phrases, and we're at today.

This is a BIG disk -- 750 GB. It was only 1/3 full, but I didn't have any removable media large enough to just copy the data off, so I'm going with decrypt, then re-attach to the "new" machine and re-encrypt it.

I wasn't able to get the Remove EEMPC to work on this second drive because it was't a "bootable" partition -- kept getting error e020001b where it couldn't find the bootable partition. I searched this and other sites but couldn't find a solution for this other than force crypt (after testing the start and end sectors to make sure I had the right key. I did, so I started the force decrypt. So far, so good! It's not perfect, but it's a solution. :-)

My challenge and question, then, is that after about 4%, the screen went to "not responding" on the screen, so I can't tell it's progress. I can see it's still churning and working and decrypting, but I have no idea how far along it is or how long it should take to finish. I'm wondering if there's a way with force decrypt to see how far along it is OR in the worst case scenario, if the machine were to stop partially along the way to figure out where it left off to start it up again.

Appreciate any and all input -- Simon, you're my new hero, by the way. I went to your personal blog, found some great posts and your Amazon wish list. We have very similar tastes -- and some equally unlikely gifts on our lists. Yours was a very exquisite watch, mine is a Tesla Roadster. :-) Hoping you find yours under the tree!