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Force crypt sectors - Decrypt failing

Hi ,

I have started force decryption in a machine which we have got error of Disk Information Failure.

We have started decryption in such a way by caliculating sectors.

Used  WinPE Recovary

f:  Start sector :     284672

    sector count:    167772160

    End Sector:       168058879            (167772160+284672-1)

e: Start Sctor:       168058880

    Sector Count:   231796736

    End Sector:       399857663

d: Start sector:       399857664

    Sector count:     225282736

     End Sector:       625140399

In the place of number of sectors we  have givan end sector while doing force decryption, Successfully recovered two partions F: and E:

While doing d: drive where we have givan start sector as 399857664 and End Sector as 625140399, where it is showing warning as total sectors 625142448.

Please suggest us for the right method to follw.

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