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Level 9

Fixing MEE Client Issue

Is there a guide to toubleshoot and fxing MEE client issue?

Situation :

Encryption working fine user can login

Problem :

Show status from MEE client - no drive detected and failed to connect to manager.

Updating SBFS failed because client failed to loaded machine iforamation.

test on pakage reinstalaltion, it's went through - but stil Failed to fix this issue.

So Is there other possible solution we can do to fix this client without removing the encryption using wintech.

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Level 15

Re: Fixing MEE Client Issue

First thing is to look into SbClientLog.txt.

Second is to inspect mass storage drivers using msinfo32 and compare them with working machine.

Last item is to check machine object properties using EEM and enforce automatic encryption of all drives.

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Level 9

Re: Fixing MEE Client Issue

When i open MEE client "show status" there is no disk drive listed.

local disk drive has been fully encrypted.

So i suspecting that client is failed with some reason to load machine config.

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