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First Client Sync

I've noticed that before encryption starts my SafeBoot clients online sync on login and not at the interval specified in their policy. Does anyone know if this is by design or if I've fowled something up in the configuration or client build?
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RE: First Client Sync

This is by design. The settings you choose in the "sync" tab do not apply to the first boot. The reason is that the client has not yet talked to the server, so it doesn't know what that sync policy should be. If you want to delay your initial sync, you have to implement a defscm.ini file on your server. This uses the same settings that are described in the manual for scm.ini (you just have to name the file defscm.ini). If this file is in place, it will be read by our "create install set" wizard and bake those sync settings into your install set.

1. Open notepad
2. Paste
;this section defines settings that apply before the SafeBoot is
;actually active on the machine.
BootSynchDelay=5 ; delay before synching on boot in minutes
RandSynchDelay=15 ; an extra max random delay to synch in
SynchInterval=2 ; time between automatically retrying synch

3. Save as defscm.ini in application directory (SBAdmin)
4. Build new install set
5. Run on client, see a 5 minute delay + 15 minute random delay (you can configure these)

We also use defscm.ini to do things like increase the size of the SBFS on the client and to set the max client log file size.
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