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Failed while sending communications data”.

We have remote sites whose internal IP gets Natted before passing our Firewall allowing them access to our Safeboot Server. The device information shows the machines IP as the one given locally (not the NAT which it gets before passing the firewall) The firewall does allow the NAT Pool IP to pass and talk to the SB server and there is a successfull TCP handshake. The machine log in the SB server show that the machine is contacting the server thus the audit log shows "check for configuration updates" on its scheduled synch. The machine however is getting the Failed while sending communication data error and thus not gettign any updates and obviously the machines logs do not get updated besides the "check for configuration updates" log. Is there a known problem possibly with machine not synching properly if NATing is used. I know that first IP is used then the host name but that is not working. Any solution?
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RE: Failed while sending communications data”.

If the machines you are looking at haven't rebooted since they first called home, they wouldn't be aware of any other events (like user authentication). Have you confirmed that the clients in question have rebooted at least once?

If the environment behind that NAT is large enough, you could always put another server on that network. If possible, you could even create a VPN tunnel between the two networks for either SMB mapping the secondary server to the SBDATA of the master or allowing a non-NAT'd path for the clients to get to the server.
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