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Export centrally managed encryption key


I am testing the capabilities of the EEFF software and have a few questions that have come up that McAfee goldsupport have not been able to provide answer. Hopefully someone here may be able to help.

If we have two companies each already has its own EEM and several thousand of EEFF deployed and now these two Companies join together as one but with two different EEM system they are not able to share their encrypted file because they each encrypt their file with their own encryption key.

Question is how can these 2 companies be able to share each other encrypted file? (Without using self extractor)

For example: Company_A copied an encrypted file to an USB drive and pass it to Company_B, where Company_B can open the file in their corporate computer.

I was thinking is there a way to export the centrally managed encryption key from Company_A's EEM and import to Company_B's EEM.

Or any other suggestions is much appreciated.   


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Re: Export centrally managed encryption key

You can't export/import keys between EEMs, but it's quite possible to set the EEFF client up so it knows how to get keys from either EEM. You'll simply need to edit the connection strategy - when you get a login box pop up, cancel it, and use the advanced (if I remember correctly) option to connect to the alternate EEM database server.

This is a bit unsupported though, so your best bet will be to upgrade both companies to EEFF4 when it's released later this year, and then you can migrate the keys from both EEM environments into it.

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