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Error loading os after running wintech

I have had to run Wintech, it ran overnight and the message was displayed that MEE was removed, i rebooted the laptop a Dell latitude D610 and i get the error message Error loading operating system, is my only option to reimage the laptop, or is there a fix for this error?
the version removed was build 5600.
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RE: Error loading os after running wintech

depends totally on what state the drive is in - for example what exactly did you do in WinTech? If you did a decrypt with the wrong key, no, your data is going to be hard to get back now.

can you see any data in WinPE? (don't mount the drive - if it's decrypted it should be visible straight away).

if not, then it's likely you used the wrong key to do the decryption.

What was the original problem?
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