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Error Message 0xe0060001

User is unable to boot up after pba....any thoughts? The laptop was successfully reimaged and re-encrypted several times. Will work fine for a while and then we are back at this message:

"Endpoint Encryption Error"

  Error: 0xe0060001

  Unsupported encryption algorithm

4 Replies

Re: Error Message 0xe0060001

What laptop model is it? What OS? What SATA mode?

Check out post

Re: Error Message 0xe0060001

HP 8510p running XP with SATA Native mode disabled in the BIOS.

Re: Error Message 0xe0060001

Maybe switching SATA to ATA mode in the BIOS? That helped me resolve a few errors when I was performing WinTech recoveries.

Re: Error Message 0xe0060001

I'll have the tech check and see if that helps. We've been having all sorts of problems with the HP's lately. Of course, most are non-standard builds so its trial and error. MBR errors too. . Any of you ever hear of resetting cd, activating mouse, starting os, and then an MBR error?

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