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Error Loading the Operating System - Please help

I have Lenovo T61 laptop which is Mcaffe data encrypted protected and runs on XP. Yesterday as there were some problems with it, tried reparing the OS with XP CD...didn't do anything just inserted the XP CD and came out couple of time. After that when I try to boot the m/c it doesn't go to normal mcafee DES screen rather goes to black screen and says 'error loading the operating system'

please help as my laptop contains a lot of imprtant data. Can Safeboot CD help? Is my data recoverable? Please help.

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Re: Error Loading the Operating System - Please help

Which EEPC are you using?

Your data is recoverable. Please contact your company HelpDesk. They could use WinTech on BartPE CD to mount encrypted disk and recover data and/or use SafeTech to remove encryption.

on 11/21/09 9:34 AM
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Re: Error Loading the Operating System - Please help

Call >your< IT department, only they can help you now. There's nothing McAfee can do. Your internal IT department need to do a decrypt of the drive and hope the data is still there - Installing an OS over the top of an encrypted drive makes things pretty ugly - it depends on how far you took it, if it asked you to format the drive and you said yes, then you probably have lost everything.

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