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Error Code 5b050006


An error occurs when I boot my laptop (Dell D620). The following error code is displayed:
"An error has occured while starting SafeBoot
[Error code: 5b050006]
Please note any error code and then contact your administrator or help desk"

What does it mean ?
Do you know how solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot in advance
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RE: Error Code 5b050006

It means: Bad check value in SafeBoot file-system

I assume that you are running SafeBoot DE version 4.2?

I have seen this issue after a defragmentation.


You can repair this damage by following the following procedure which requires the SafeTech diagnostic program - See the chapter "SafeTech" in your admin guide for information on this utility

1. Create a SafeTech disk as documented in your admin guide.

2. Export the machine configuration from the directory to the disk by finding the machine entry, right-clicking it and selecting export configuration

3. Boot the problem machine with the SafeTech disk you have created and press enter at the code prompt.

4. Select the "Values from Database" option and load the exported configuration for the machine.

Select the "Emergency Boot" menu and then "create Data File"

SafeTech will prompt you to write an emergency MBR to the machine - This is a non-password version of SafeBoot used to boot the machine.

5. Remove the boot disk and restart your machine. Reinsert this disk when required. It will boot through to Windows, then will synchronize with the Object Directory and fully repair itself.
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RE: Error Code 5b050006

Hi Jogvan,
It sounds well, my laptop was a little slow and I have done a defragmentation last weekend but before the crash I had restarted one time without getting any issue...strange...
Tomorrow, I will follow your procedure.
Thanks a lot
Regards 🙂
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