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Error 10H


Just got a call from a user getting "Hard Drive Error: SafeBoot hard disk error 10H"

I  can see from the manual, that this denotes an Uncorrectable CRC or ECC error on read.  Yeah, okay, that means nothing to me.  Anyone have a more plain English definition of what this error means, why it happens and what I might be able to do to fix it (if anything).  User is running 5.1.8 of the EEPC client.



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Re: Error 10H

it's a BIOS error, so the exact meaning depends on your BIOS.

usually it means the hard drive has failed (dropped perhaps?) - you might be able to soft-recover it with WinTech etc, but you might have to send it off for repair/disaster recovery.

let it cool down for a bit and try again, some drives get cranky when they get hot.

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