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Level 8

Error 0xe007000d

I set the SID 800 token and password in the user properties, with no errors. Next, I place the token into the machine that is encrypted. At PBA I cancel out of Password Token and select RSA SID 800 Token. Then I type the user id and password. I receive this message: Error 0xe007000d- Reader Communication Error.

Has anyone seen this message? If so, is there a solution?

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Level 9

RE: Error 0xe007000d

Do you have multiple Reader file groups enabled on the machine? If so, only select the ones you will actually be using (USB)
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Level 7

RSA SID800 Token and Dell E6400

I am receiving the same error message and have tried the solutions mentioned in this post as well as solutions located else where. I am using Endpoint Encryption 5.1.3 on a Dell E6400 and have ATA mode selected in the BIOS instead of the default IRRT mode.
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