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Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector

Ive got a currently encrypted drive here that is receiving the follow error after getting passed the preboot encryption login.

Error 0xe0020007.

Error reading disk sector.

Now when I tried to decrypt the drive through WinTech the machine freezes at the following part:

Removal process started

Opening Disk Manager.

I am assuming this means that the disk itself is bad and unable to be decrypted due to the amount of bad sectors on it? Or am I missing something? I can mount the drive and view the files currently on it but what I am ultimately trying to accomplish is a data recovery of the files that "were" on the drive before a recent accidental "reimage". So if I can get the drive decrypted even with some bad sectors I should be able to recover what I need using a software package I have.

I read on here that occasionally certain BIOS versions will cause this or a similar error but  I have the same BIOS version on multiple machines all encrypted that have no problem.

If anyone has any helpful ideas or advise it would be much appreciated.



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Re: Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector

yes, sounds like a bad drive as you suggest, unless somehow the PBFS pointers are set to sectors that don't exist on your disk.

You can always decrypt the drive (use the force decrypt option), it's not ideal, and it may take some time, but it will eventually get there, but the best advice is to send the drive off to a data recovery agency, get them to clone it, then you can decrypt the copy with impunity.

If you reimaged the drive though, it's going to be REALLY HARD to recover those files - The image will most likely have written over the MFT which tends to be towards the beginning of the drive, leaving the sectors on the drive which contain the files still there perhaps, but without a sector chain to put them back together, very hard to reassemble.

good luck I guess!

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