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Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector on v4 to v5 upgrade

Ok. I have mentioned this on another thread but that thread was more specifically about another error in the original post.

We have found, so far with one particular machine type, a consistent failure when upgrading from 4.2.15 to 5.2.2

The failure occurs on 2nd Reboot after upgrade and is: Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector

Yes. these machines have a Pheonix Bios but it is v4. This therefore does match the symptoms of KB (KB6715) about the USB Hand Back problem on v3 Pheonix Bios which leaves machines sitting on a blank black screen with no error message.

The order of events goes like this:

SafeBoot 4.2.11 installed from Software Deployment
Machine auto-rebooted.

Moved to new container on server with correct 4.2.15 config.

Synchronized - 4.2.11 upgraded to 4.2.15
Synchronized and started encryption.

Fully encrypted C: and D: drives.

Moved to v5 container on server and set object to config

Connected to network
Synchronized and upgraded
System Tray icon disappeared (as expected).


Logged on OK (Login Screen is old v4 style still but with v5 container text)

New v5 System Tray icon there (expected result).

Rebooted again.

“Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector” Machine not recoverable.

My first thought is, as suggested by Peter_EEPC to try 5.2.4 which will take some time to download and install and move a copy of our stupidly large Database to that environment for testing. I will try that though.

However, I'm not satisfied yet that this is a BIOS issue from any support documentation that I've read so far. The machine is a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29. I beleive we may also have had this issue on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-18

Upgrades on our HP's / Dells and Toshiba's seem to have all been successful so far.

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Re: Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector on v4 to v5 upgrade

This may or may not apply:

For testing with EEPC 5.2.4 you do not need to copy your big database. Test it as eval with fresh (empty) database. Create fresh, 5.2.4 install set and run it on your test PC (without any prior SafeBoot on it). That will prove if you still have a problem with 5.2.4.

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Re: Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector on v4 to v5 upgrade

I don't have any of the issue that I've seen people have on this forum, with regards to receiving 0020007 at or after preboot.  My client with EEPC 5.2.4 is able to log onto PBA and restart to PBA with no issues.  My issue is with a Panasonic CF - 18 and when I try to decrypt it using Safetech and try to authenticate, I receive the 0020007 error.  This will not let me continue with the decryption process. 

Any ideas?

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Re: Error 0xe0020007. Error reading disk sector on v4 to v5 upgrade

In my particular case (I'm the original poster) the issues was found to be a problem with the McAfee pre-boot code and the way it handled an error from that partiular BIOS. It only occurred when we used more than 3 partitions on that build. I'm not certain of the exact details but he BIOS manufacturer was as much to blame as McAfee. The issue was fixed with an amendement to on of the pre-boot files which was released, I think, in v5.2.7. You may find you have to upgrade to resolve your issues. Or it may not be related at all.

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