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Level 8

Error 0xdb00001a

1. I sent McAfee the license file.

2. McAfee added more licenses and sent me back the file.

3. I removed the license that was on the server.

4. Next, I imported the updated license file from McAfee. After I click on Open, I get error 0xdb00001a: License Invalid

5. I tried to re-import the orginal DB file.

6. In the top portion of the License Information, it is blank. In the bottom section, it shows the DB id and Users and Machines information.

7. When I try to create a machine, I get error 0x010011: License has been exceeded for this object. (Before I sent the license file to McAfee, I didn't exceed the about of licenses)

Is the reason for this because I imported a TXT file into Safeboot and not a SLC? If so, how do I change the TXT to a SLC? If you rename it, it just changes to license.slc.txt
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Level 21

RE: Error 0xdb00001a

you need to ask Microsoft how to use Windows ;-)

seriously, use the file McAfee sent you - don't edit it or mess with it. We didn't add stuff to the file - we sent you a brand new file with a higher licence count in it. If you're trying to use a txt file, that's probably the information you sent us - you can't use that as a licence (that's an SLC file which is digitally signed).
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Level 7

RE: Error 0xdb00001a

you just have to use the SLC sent by McAfee. Any tampering to the license file ensures that it will not work (just as Safeboot mentioned).

However, generally McAfee sends the file in an email. Try using that file again and just replace the file on your file system. The .txt extension can ripped of just by renaming the file extension.

This should work...
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