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EpePc Has been Corrupted (error 92h)

Dear All,

Seeking for Very Urgent help for one of the machine suddenly showing EpePC Has been Corrupted (error 92h).

Machine :- HP EliteBook 8440P

For handle this case normally i will use Mcafee EETech for EEPC6 Bootable CD + Code of the day  + Xml file generate from EPO (Epolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 Server) follow by the machine name. then i should able to go to A43 File management utility to copy out the Data. But this time no luck for me.i am still unable to access to C & D Drive.

So we have no choice to run the Force crypt sectors then now i able to see all the File in C drive but D drive still unable to access.

The most important Data all in D drive.

Appreciate your help to advice what we should do next  to get back all the data in d drive.

Why isn't able to read in c drive but why D drive cannot ?

Please help it's very very urgent as we need the data to be recover back for user asap.

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Re: EpePc Has been Corrupted (error 92h)


I recommend that you a) backup the mfeepe.log from C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent, b) open a Service Request with McAfee Support to see if anything can be done about drive D.

The error 92h means that something moved the endpoint encryption pbfs which usually is attributable to malware, defragging tools etc.



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Re: EpePc Has been Corrupted (error 92h)

This was posted in the Consumer section but really belongs in the Business section.

I've moved it to Business / Corporate Support / Support Tools (MVT & MER).

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Re: EpePc Has been Corrupted (error 92h)

Moved to correct Business community for Endpoint Encryption.

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Re: EpePc Has been Corrupted (error 92h)

Most commonly this problem is caused by encrypting the wrong sector range, so that's what we need details  on first - so what range did you crypt, and how did you determine it?

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