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Endpoint and DefaultDomainName

I have a workstation with EEPC 5.2.0 installed on it. We have all of the Windows Logon boxes checked except the Require re-logon to Endpoint Encryption so we are using Windows pass through. We have the DefaultDomainName set in the registry to our main domain but every time the user logins into Endpoint it passes authentication to a different domain that we have on site. When I disabled Windows Logon and Automatically Logon as per-boot user it allows the user to change the domain to the correct one then after a reboot it retains the proper domain. If I set the Attempt automatic Windows logon and the Automatically logon as pre-boot user again it goes back to logging into the wrong domain again. Has anyone seen this?

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Level 21

Re: Endpoint and DefaultDomainName

I've seen it, but I don't know why it happens. When a user is successfully logged in, the domain that Windows reports the user is using is sent back to the client. Some times windows translates the domain name, no idea why though.

You can set it for this user by right clicking them in EEM and doing "Set SSO..", but as to why sometimes Windows reports an odd  domain name for them, no idea sorry.

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Re: Endpoint and DefaultDomainName

Is this issue easily reproducible?

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