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Endpoint Encryption

Hello Group, I received an eSata drive which is encrypted with McAfee Endpoint encryption.  I have the user name and Password for this drive.  Is there a way I could retrieve the data from encrypted drive.

Thanks in advance for you help.


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Re: Endpoint Encryption

Question moved to 'Encryption : EEM Managed' (in Business / Data Protection) for attention

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Level 13

Re: Endpoint Encryption

Is it with EEFF or EEPC?

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Level 21

Re: Endpoint Encryption

As George says, first tell us what product you are using.

But the answer is yes, if you are a legitimate administrator of that drive you'll have all the diagnostic and recover tools needed to decrypt it. If not, probably not - if it's really an eSATA (ie extenal drive), you'd need to connect it to the original PC which encrypted it to access it - knowing the user name and password is not helpful, as that's related to the machine's boot drive, not the external 2nd drive.

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