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Endpoint Encryption issue after install


Today I installed SafeBoot(now called endpoint encryption) on a windows Vista laptop. After the install I rebooted and got the pre boot authentication screen, I was able to set a new password without problem but after I enter the password I get the following message -

Starting operating system....

No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

What can I do to fix this,

any help will be greatly appreciated as there is information on the hard disk that I forgot to backup before doing the install, I know very foolish.


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Re: Endpoint Encryption issue after install

I've  got slightly different issues. HP Compaq 8510w with MS Vista sp2. I installed McAfee endpoint encryption.

Installation went fine, machine rebooted twice, and started encrypting HD.

I shut down the machine after 2 hours. ON next login - I could only  login in mcafee logon page, and boot procedure fails during loading  of windows.

This fails with following diagnostics and repair detais:

“Startup repair” window shows up, and says

“root cause found: System Volume on disk is corrupt”.

Repair action:  File system repair (chkdsk)

Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0.

before this there are coule of other checks, which go through fine.... so I don't think the hard disk is broken at all, It can actually find the partition, and filesystem.

I tried to du some resaerch on the topic, and I got the imression at the mcafee has got some tools for fixing the image, or recovery of data, If I can provide

passwords. Let's see how this goes.

Even though copule of my colleagues got it workign fine, rIght now I am really, really skeptical of this encryption aproach - It does make backup/restore  procedures more complicated. The recovery tools are not publicly availble, and there little information what they can do. and on top of this you get performance penalty. If I ever get working, also there seem to be additional bugs, like blue screen of death.

I am really glad, that in my county there is not legal obligation of crypting HD contents.

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Re: Endpoint Encryption issue after install

I'm not a product expert but I've moved this thread to our Endpoint Encryption area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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Re: Endpoint Encryption issue after install

You can perform encrupted disk inspection and data recovery using WinTech utility that came with EEPC products that you have installed.

There is written procedure on how to create WinPE recovery CD with WinTech on it. If data is valuable, contact your local IT support or McAfee Support.

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