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Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media Question

I set up my first test policy with this today. I noticed that when you plug in a flash drive, it asks you if you want to go ahead and initialize the device, setup passwords, etc.

If you click "Yes" then you just go though the quick little setup.

If you click "No" the setup just cancels and you are still allowed to use the device in an un-encrypted state.

How can i set this up so that the user HAS to go through the initialization or if they click NO then the drive is just locked out?

Do we need to use EERM in conjunction with something else like Device Control for this to happen?
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There is no way to force the user to click yes, however you can make it where when they click "No" that the drive is read-only. It is a checkbox in the Removable Media part of the policy, the checkbox is called "Make unprotected files and folders read-only"...make sure you maximize the size of the window otherwise you may not see it.
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RE: Read-Only

Excellent! Does this by chance, stop the user from copying files from the laptop to the unprotected device?

I guess we dont really care if a user has read only data that they already had, but we want to stop users from taking our data off the laptops in an unprotected manner.

RE: Read-Only

Correct, if they attempt to copy data to the drive they will receive an 'access is denied' or similar message, regardless if anyone has authenticated to EEFF or not, in fact.

Re: RE: Read-Only


I can see this is an old thread -  it's the "quick little set up" mentioned in the first post that I'm interested in. Currenly my users would have to go through a process where they navigate; Task Bar \ McAfee Agent \ Manage Features \ End Point encryption for File and Folders \ Initialize Drive.

Is there any way of taking them straight to the intialize Drive module when they insert an uncnrypted drive?

Many thanks


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