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Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

Good evening Gents.

I run mcafee Endpoint Enc on my notebook for the entire HD. This morning when I rebooted my machine, the Windows showed a message saying the C:\windows\system..." was missing or currupted. After that I tried the safe mode, last known good.., etc and nothing worked. Now I can not get acess to my machine nor data. What are the options I have to have access to my data ?

I talked to my company support and they say I should reinstall my Windows... what is rediculous... I can loose my date. Thank you guys.

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Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

you must have done something low level on your drive - reinstalled Windows, changed the partition layout etc?

But, as to how much help you can get - remember it's not your computer, it belongs to your employer, so if they don't want you to recover the machine you don't really have any choices?

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

Thanks for your response Safeboot. I didn't do anything to my windows. I had to power it down because it was really slow. This is my computer, I'm a contractor and I need to used my own computer. Because o copany polices, we all have to install the same softwares they use and because of this I'm having problems right now.

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

Do you have any idea how you got from an encrypted machine to one which no longer asks for authentication and boots straight into Windows? Or, did your company have pre-boot authentication turned off to start with?

It's mysterious how you got into a position where you turn the machine on and it goes straight into Windows - how did the drive get decrypted?

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

It does not go straight to windows. I provide my EEPC password and it goes to Windows bootloader. The point is, after i select to start windows it gives me an error related to C:\windows\system... missing or corrupted.

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

Which version of Windows and EEPC do you have installed?

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

C:\windows\system... missing or corrupted.

Ah, well in that case all you need to do is boot off a WinTech CD and copy the missing files back again, or of course copy the data off and rebuild the machine, whichever is easiest. You won't need the EEM export as the pre-boot is still working, so you can just authenticate from SBFS using your existing credentials.

You WILL need the daily access code though, and whether you can get that or not depends on your IT department.

Re: Endpoint Encryption - Trying to recover Data

I'm afraid OP can't boot with WinTech CD, until IT department hands over that software to him.

So, in any case, it is up to company support team if they are in position to help or not. They might have been given directives not to "waste their time", but just reimage affected PCs.