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Endpoint Encryption CD Booting

My friend has recently had some problems with Windows Search not starting on his work issued laptop. He got the IT department at his work to look at it but there only solution would be to do a full reinstall of Windows. I have identified the problem as being a corrupt Windows registry key that cannot be deleted whilst Windows is running. I have tried booting a PE disk but it boots before Endpoint Encryption has run to decrypt the main disk I actually want to work with. I have tried changing the boot device in Endpoint Encryption but the only options are the hard disk and a floppy disk (I was going to use PLOP on a floppy disk but I don't have a USB reader). Is there any way to mount and decrypt the hard drive from a PE disk or to get the PE disk to boot from Endpoint Encryption?

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Re: Endpoint Encryption CD Booting

Yes, it's fully supported to add the crypt drivers to WinPE, then when you boot you can authenticate and access the encrypted hard disk still.

Your friend will need to get his company it department to give him a copy of their EETECH WinPE cd to use to do this.

You really can't build one without the support of the owner of the laptop (ie, the company, not the user)

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