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Endpoint Encryption Boot Disk

Hey guys, First time on here so forgive the mistakes.

We are deploying endpoint encryption for the first time within our company,  I've worked a fair bit with EPO using VSE and HIPS.  We will be running EEPC V6 ( I think).

What I'm looking for is best method or instructions on building a boot disk for endpoint.  Currently we have safeguard encryption and if a HD is in trouble we can boot in with WINPE or something similar and enter our decryption password so we can get data off the damaged drive using USB or ever something like xcopy/robocopy.

Wondering how this can be done with endpoint on a machine?  We will be using it with Windows 7.


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Re: Endpoint Encryption Boot Disk

You can do the same with EEPC6 as well - the tool is called EETech, and you can build that into your PE CD if you so wish.

We only officially support BartPE, but there's a lot of resources pubished here in the community from people telling you how to build it into the various WinPE environments - just search for WinPE.

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