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EndPoint Encryption and Pre-Boot Smart-Card Reader Access

We have been testing EEM for use using the DOD CAC.  Pre-Boot smart-card authentication seems to work with our test Dell systems, but on both of my HP laptops (HP Mini 5102 and a HP Elitebook 8530W), no luck.  We've updated the Bios, called tech support numerous times, but no luck.  We have tried setting the option for Always enable pre-boot USB support, we have ensured Legacy USB support is turned on in both laptops and have tried a combination of settings until we just plain gave up.  I am turning to the community to see if anyone out there has been successful in getting the smart card readers to be accessible during pre-boot on these 2 types of HP's?  We have tried the interal card reader as well as the USB ActivIdentity reader V2.0 which is supported and do work on the Dell.  I have scoured the forums and have tried basically everything that has been suggested by others with the same negtive results.  It appears to me that the card reader is not available during pre-boot.  When choosing our tokens, it says to insert token which we do.  We click OK and it keeps coming back.  If we use Uername / Password it works fine.  We would like everything to be smart-card enabled.  On the Dell we are able to use Smart-Card preboot and SSO to log into windows (sweet).  We want to be able to do the same thing on the HP's.  By the way, we are using EEM and EEPC 2.5.8.  Thanks!

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