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Encrypting a Server with Client install?

Has anyone tried to installed Client encryption on a server? We use Endpoint encryption version 5.1.2 and just for more security there is a need to have the servers encrypted as well. Since we already have Endpoint Encryption there is a push to put it on our servers. Any ideas?
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RE: Encrypting a Server with Client install?

we won't support RAID, but apart from that it should be fine. The list of supported OS's is in the manual for each release. You should also read the release notes as they discuss server-based style disk architectures.

If it's pure hardware RAID, it will probably work ok, but as it would be almost impossible to recover from a corrupt RAID array, we won't officially support it.

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RE: Encrypting a Server with Client install?

Just some food for thought -- what happens if the box reboots, either purposely or by accident. If you're using software KVM, you wont be able to access the box to login unless you can get right in front of it. It also means an added step each time you need to reboot your servers since you'll then have to authenticate to pre-boot before the server will actually be "online". There are probably some other gotcha's as well.
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