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Emergency boot Vs Restore safeboot MBR

Hi All,

please tell me in brief about difference between

Emergency boot and restore safeboot MBR back ground operation.

1) what happens when we do Emergency boot and Restore safeboot MBR
2) what are the files are going to be replace in both procedures.


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Re: Emergency boot Vs Restore safeboot MBR

1. eBoot boots up in a special recovery mode, rebuilds SBFS, inserts all the files into it, and re-deploys all the user accounts into it, totally rebuilding the boot environment. Restore SBR just replaces sector 0 of the boot drive with the stored boot record

2. No user side files are touched in either case.

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Level 10

Re: Emergency boot Vs Restore safeboot MBR

1) I would say emergency boot will point to backup sbfs (contain key) which bypass user authentication then after os boot's it's will rebuilt the SBFS (which contain user & key) by conecting to MEE Server.

2) no files replaced but i believe code or pointing in SBR/MBR located in sector 0

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