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Emergency Boot for WinTech.


I have a simple question about WinTech.

WinTech does not have Emergency Boot capability compare with SafeTech.

Do anyone know the reason why Emergency Boot cannot be implemented to WinTech?

I think Emergency Boot is an appreciated capability because it can be quck recovery than Remove EEPC.

I wish Emergency Boot would be included to WinTech.


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Level 21

Re: Emergency Boot for WinTech.

It's not possible unfortunately - you can't boot the machine and preserve state from within the Windows protected mode, so there's no way to boot up the original os with the decryption running.

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Level 10

Re: Emergency Boot for WinTech.

Owh i got it..

When safetech load the key it's preseve it in memory and because the disk unencrypted (now with key loaded on memory) it's lood the boot manager and pass the key to windows?

is it?

it's hard do to on windows.. maybe.. (my guesss) can be done on winpe v1 or v2 (XP Based)  with some boot manager capability to kept the satte and at the same time boot the disk..

on 11/6/12 10:35:02 PM CST
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