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EEPC slow boot performance & freezing

We are using Endpoint Encryption v6.0.1 with McAfee Agent, and notice after our laptops finish encrypting, the boot performance of the laptop slows downconsiderably, and performance in general running applications. Has anyone seen an issue like this and have any idea where we even begin looking?

These are bran-new laptops with minimal applications loaded

Here are some models we have seen this issue on:

Dell Latitude E4200

HP EliteBook 8540p

HP EliteBook 8440p

System specs:

Laptops running XP SP3

EPO v4.5

EEAgent v1.0.1

EEPC v6.0.1

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Level 15

Re: EEPC slow boot performance & freezing

Can you throw some timing numbers as pre- and post- encryption?

What PC BIOS setting exist for SATA in those machines?

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