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EEPC problems with windows logon



Logon to pre-boot works ok, when windows loads and should display the logon window (on which SSO should be done after that) the user only sees the background and it "hangs". Nothing more is loaded and the user can wait indefinietly (or so it seems). If I delete the user profile or log on with my admin account the user is then able to logon like nothing ever happened. This ONLY happens when the users windows password is changed in the windows environment and the user reboots.

This affects more and more users, but not all users and not all the time. Some users experience this every password change but most only see this once or twice.

I've not been able to troubleshoot this as much as I wanted yet, just thought I'd put this up here to see if anyone is experiencing similar problems. But from what I've concluded is that it's not related to specific hardware, using several HP/IBM/DELL laptops. MEE server is updated to 5.1.7 and the clients are still on 5.1.2, and no update has been made since we started seeing this problem the first time.

I'll update if more info arises.

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Re: EEPC problems with windows logon

Similar problem, but not restricted to EEPC: system hangs when login on (stuck on Welcome or black screen), and doesn't seem to have a common factor, as some units already have ENS, others still run the older, pre-ENS versions of McAfee.
Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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