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EEPC hibernation issue.

Hi All,

You know there is a hibernation issue for Windows 2000 as a KB66060.

Now, a customer who upgrades to v5.1.8 from v5.1.3 meets this issue on v5.1.8, but they have NOT met this issue on v5.1.3. So they ask me why this issue occurs from 5.1.8.

I tested it on v5.1.3 and v5.1.8, I have found this issue occurs on v5.1.8, not occur on v5.1.3.

I do understand nobody knows the information of Windows 2000 because Microsoft ends support for Windows 2000 in June 2010, however I need to explain the user why this issue does not occurs on v5.1.3...

In my idea, I wonder the resolution of 5503.3 influenced this issue. Can I have your opinion?


5503.3 Fixed hibernation issue with Endpoint Encryption client on XP

When a user attempts to put a device into hibernation it would fail and an error message will appear in system tray and/or event log that states: "Failed going into hibernation”. This has been fixed for this release.


Best regards,

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