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EEPC compatible with AHCI? and specific laptop issue

Hi, my name is Bruce.

Yesterday I test installing EEPC 5.2.9 to a laptop, Toshiba R700 PT314T-02801E

which is using Windows 7 64 bit, AHCI mode.

BIOS is  Toshoba 2.10

After installed and synchronized, I tried rebooting it to the pre-boot environment

The pre-boot screen works fine, but after I enter user's id and password,

It will hang with the screen:

Resetting Hardware ...

Disable mouse ...

Starting operating system ...

everytime it hangs, and I/m sure I didn't use the "Always enable pre boot USB support" option.

Also, I tried to disable "USB KB/Mouse Legacy Emulation" with no luck.

I think I install the OS with AHCI mode, because when not install EEPC,

if I change the BIOS AHCI option to compatibility,

It will always show a blue screen after starting Windows.

So, does EEPC support AHCI mode?

Appreciate for any help here, thanks.

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Re: EEPC compatible with AHCI? and specific laptop issue

EEPC has no particular issues with ACHI, but some BIOS manufacturers don't implement it according to the standards, so there can be issues. You might have to change to compatibility mode AFTER installing the correct disk drivers into Windows, or work with your McAfee representative to get a sample device into McAfee development for anaysis.

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Re: EEPC compatible with AHCI? and specific laptop issue

Just tried it,

reinstall the OS AFTER change it to compatibility mode,

it works.

So, here's the question:

does this happen on all machine that installed with AHCI mode?

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Re: EEPC compatible with AHCI? and specific laptop issue

do you mean ALL of this particular make/model, or ALL machines? If it's the former - maybe, it would depend on the bios version, hardware version etc, if you mean the latter, no, the vast majority of machines work fine out of the box - there were some issues with Dell 6420's etc recently, but Dell released a new BIOS version to fix the problem.

Most machines work perfectly out of the box, it's just the odd one which ships with something buggy which has to be worked around by us, or by the manufacturer.

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