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EEPC 7.1.x Pre boot keyboard

Hello All

Can anyone help. I have a Lenovo tablet with EEPC 7.1.x installed. I have the policy enabled to show the keyboard and to always show the keyboard.

When the device is turned on or rebooted I never get to see the keyboard or cannot see a way of displaying it within the preboot process.

Any ideas??


Kind regards


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Re: EEPC 7.1.x Pre boot keyboard

The first thing I would suggest is to make sure you have the latest bios installed from the vendor in this case Lenovo.   Also I found this link talking about a lot of issues with Lenovo's and the keyboard not displaying ()

We have had similar issues with a couple HP tablets and had to work with both HP and McAfee support to get them resolved.   Most of the time its a newer bios or a setting within the bios that had to be changed.


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McAfee Employee

Re: EEPC 7.1.x Pre boot keyboard

Systems using touch should general utilize UEFI not Legacy BIOS. McAfee only support a very limited number of Legacy BIOS (MBR) booting systems and no Lenovos. The list of supported systems can be found in KB79914.

The steps to verify if a machine is Legacy BIOS or UEFI can be found in KB83363

For UEFI booting systems, they must also meet the requirements found in KB82160 and the proper protocols need to be available. These can be tested using the UEFI Testing Tool found in KB78050.

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