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EEPC 5.22 does not initialize afer installation

After we install the package onto Win 7 laptops, the client does not initialize itself to the server. the log file sbclientlog.txt post "Failed to connect to database" and "Automatically synchronizing again in 240 minutes" but the timer lapses, and it does not synch.

I've restarted the sbclientmanager.exe service to no avail.

Any thought as to what to do next?

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Re: EEPC 5.22 does not initialize afer installation

One of three things come to mind-

a) there's a network connection problem - can you ping the server from the client?

b) the server is not running

c) a firewall is blocking the traffic

I would check the client log to see exactly where the client is trying to talk to, then ping -a it to see if it's responding.

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