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EEPC 5.2&SCCM OSD (Missing OS)

I am trying to remote image a PC using SCCM OSD.  Basically, the image is being advertise through SCCM via task sequence. 

The boot image stages, restarts the PC, and the black screen with a "Missing Operating System" is my stopping point.  From my understanding of how EEPC works, is the MBR might have been edited, therefore, corrupted because of the staging process for the boot image.

I have research other forums closely related to this type of error with regards to SCCM OSD and EEPC.  I have found that maybe some filter drivers included in the boot image can resolve this problem.

Please advise.

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Re: EEPC 5.2&SCCM OSD (Missing OS)

When you image you must take raw image of the whole disk, including MBR.

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