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EEPC 5.2.5 and Windows 7 BitLocker

I understand that EEPC and BitLocker are incompatible (for obvious reasons) but I'd like to know exactly what happens if the EEPC client is deployed to a machine that has BitLocker active. Does the EEPC client refuse to install or does the machine no longer boot and/or blue screen?

A related question: Is it possible to check a machine remotely (registry setting) for active BitLocker?

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Re: EEPC 5.2.5 and Windows 7 BitLocker

1. No idea - never tried it! EEPC5 will install (EEPC6 won't), unless you are using AutoBoot and then there's a test for it.

2. No, you can't do a simple reg key check AFAIK - that will tell you Bitlocker is there, but not its activation state.

The actual test can be done using WMI - you'll find this in the CompetitiveCheck class within autodomain and other scripts - It's probably a bit rough as I assume the boot drive is C, I should probably evaluate it, but here it is for fun and giggles:

Private Property Get CheckBitLocker
    ' returns true or false depending on the detected state of Bitlocker. 
    ' requires admin rights to get the correct answer. 
        On Error Resume Next
        Dim objWMIService,colItems,objItem,blnTemp
        Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\CIMV2\Security\MicrosoftVolumeEncryption") 
        Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_EncryptableVolume where DriveLetter='C:'",,48) 
        On Error Goto 0
        CheckBitLocker = false
        If IsObject(objwmiservice) Then
            'BitLockerSupported = True
            'BitlockerSupported = False
            Exit Property
        End if
        For Each objItem in colItems
            'get the encryption method for drive C. any non-zero answer means that there's some protection in place. 
            objItem.getencryptionmethod blnTemp
            If blnTemp <>0 Then 
                CheckBitLocker = True
            End if
    End Property

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