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EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

We have a machine been uninstalled from EEPC server Which was not encrypted. I did not delete the machine object, it was left as it is with status "Remove and Reboot"

When we reinstall EEPC on same laptop, EEPC log say "Machine already existing" and do not perform synchronization.
The command GetMachineName return this error:

Connection result:

ResultCode = 0x00000000
ResultDescription = The operation completed successfully.

Command result:

Command = GetLocalMachineName
ResultCode = 0xe0050001
ResultDescription = Endpoint Encryption for PC not activated

If I move the machine to enable, the synchro is working and machine status remain as "Currently disabled"
Is this a Bug in EEPC? in 4.2 it used to create a duplicate entry but EEPC is using/trying to synchro on the same Object. 
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Re: EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

You should delete machine object using EEM, prior to new client installation. What object ID is reported on client machine and which in database?

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Re: EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

It's possible that it's been moved to an 'Uninstall' group in order to remove the software.  If so, then re-installing the software will not actually install - this is correct behaviour.  If you want it to re-encrypt and enable pre-boot authentication, then it needs to be moved back into a group which allows it to re-encrypt.

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Level 9

Re: EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

Basically to fix the issue,  you'll have to delete the old machine object.  Once you do that, the client will synch and a new object will be created.

We have seen this a few times.  Sometimes, it will create a new object with the 000x appended,  and sometimes it won't create a new object at all.  Never gotten a good explanation from McAfee on the difference. There isn't really a reason to keep the old machine object around.  If you do want to keep it recoverable, just don't check "permanently delete"

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Re: EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

the difference is if you created the install set for a group, or for a machine (check scm.ini).

if it's the latter, the machine will ONLY ever use that object name, if it's in use, the machine won't make another one.

If the object is available though (ie was legally removed, or you used clearkey), the new install will take it over - note then though if the status is set to "disable" or "remove", the new machine will do exactly that, so you'll end up in a loop.

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Level 9

Re: EEPC 5.1.9 strange behaviour

As mentioned, either delete the old machine key or use this command from the sbadmcl.exe tool

-Command:ClearMachineKey -Machine:XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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