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EEM object not found client Error db010010

Folks, I've been distracted with Windows 7 deployments and have been alerted by our support staff that our Old installation of EEM running on a Vmserver is not picking up new machines in the Initial Group I created, when the server was built three years ago. running EEM, client machines used to connect via port 5557 on the server and 5556 to client, I can see these ports connecting from the client to server when I select sync and I see that the server seems to connect to EEM. but because the machines are not appearing anywhere in the Machine group I seem to get this error.

I don't see a connection back to the Laptop on port 5556 might be a red herring. Just wondered if anyone could give me a couple of tips on where to look, Some Laptops appear ok just seems like ones we recently have had problems with, so I think its not a port issue.

Data base SbFs

total space= 20879360

Free Space=18968576

I can't seem to add any new machines could the Database be at fault, could someone point me in the direction of maintenance to check the integrity of the database since we haven't run any maintenance tasks that I am aware off since we had the software installed.

We have groups of machines with 1050 in one container and 600 in another all should appear in a default folder but they are not appearing just get this error ever time a machine is forced to sync db010010.

Any help would be greatly received.

Would this help create a Machine in the default folder on EEM Export config information and then import on client machine, then see if machine sync's not sure how to get SDB file onto encrypted machine though.



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Re: EEM object not found client Error db010010

Could some advise me please

Database on another Laptop working fine this was added over a year ago

Sbfs  total space (19.91Mb)

Sbfs Free Space (17.06Mb)

I interpret this to mean that I have 17.06mb free out of 19.91 available, is my assumption correct?

Thank sin advance

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Re: EEM object not found client Error db010010

Yes your assumption is right.

The error usually means the machine has been deleted - check the machine Id from the preboot about screen and go search in your db to see if that Id exists.

Alternate answer is someone deleted the default group the machines were set to install into - same test except the group Id from scm.ini

Can you post a client log showing the error?

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