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EEM migration to new server

I am doing a migration of 5.1.7 data to a new VM server. We have approx. 1500 clients that connect to the server. I am configuring the new server with a FQDN. At cutover, I am planning to copy the SBDATA folder from the old, to the new server. I understand that there has to be a client change in their SDMCFG.INI file in order for them to see the new server. I am also planning to create a DNS alias to point to the new server.

First off, does this seem logical to anyone? Secondly, is there any documentation on how to do this type of process/procedure? I have been searching the McAfee documentation but have been unable to locate such information. I think the INI file is going to cause me the most headaches. Forgive my simplicity, I am new at this product.

Thanks very much! David