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EEM Status - IP address

Is there any way to dump the IP addres field from the database or from a group?

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Re: EEM Status - IP address

I'm not aware of a way in 5.x? This shouldn't be an issue with 6.x, since I believe ePO collects this information and makes it easy to report on.

For 5.x, I have created a simple WMI based application that runs occasionally on the client, collects the; machine name, MACs, IPs, domain, OS, SP, system make, system model and serial number, then runs the "SetMachineDescription" command via the SBADM dll or command line (just make sure you encrypt any passwords if you create a script that lives on the client, or compile them into an application).

You can then run a "Machine Description Report" via the Reporting Tool to show all the inventory information you have collected. This has come in handy for us when we need to find a machine and don't have the name (the name has changed) or we are lacking user audit information to search from.


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