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EEM 5.2.11 Windows Locked-Prompts for EE Credentials with Windows 7x64

Hi All,

I have an issue that I am hoping someone can help me with.   We are a 5.1.2 shop, just upgrading to 5.2.11.  On my Windows XP Machines,  recently upgraded to 5.2.11, users logon with Safeboot/EEM credentials and then are prompted for Windows credentials.  When they log-off Windows or restart the device they are prompted for EEM credentials.  If they merely lock the screen or when policy locks an inactive Wwindows session after X number of minutes they are prompted for Windows credentials.  This is the behavior that we desire and are used to with 5.1.2.

On Windows 7 devices recently upgraded to 5.2.11, the same holds true with one notable exception.  When a user locks the device or policy does the same after inactivity,  the user is prompted for EEM and then the Windows Logon.  This behavior is new with Windows 7 and customers are unhappy with the additonal authenication after a brief inactivity timeout.   The only option checked in the general tab of the device properties is "require safeboot re-login"    If  I deselect this option,  it resolves the issue, but it also eliminates the EEM logon that we are accustom to when users log off the device. 

We do not use SSO or any Sync between EEM credentials and Windows or AD.

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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