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EEFF question

Ok, I'm a bit confused here. I've deployed EEPC on about 40 laptops so far and everything seems to be working fine. Now the boss wants me to start encrypting USB drives whenever they're plugged into a protected laptop. Do I have to install EEFF alongside EEPC on each laptop? I see where I can build a policy in the Encryption Manager console but would it be useless without EEFF? Looks like I could use EEPC to encrypt removable devices but I'm not sure that will give us the functionality that we want. We want to be able to share the sticks between protected laptops but render them useless on anything else. We also want to automatically encrypt the contents whenever the drive is inserted. Please point this EE Noob in the right direction. Thanks!
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RE: EEFF question

Yes, it's a completely different product, so you need to create install sets and policy for that as well.

The good thing is both share the same user identities and back end infrastructure.

Print out the quickstart guide for EEFF - that will get you running.
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