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EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

Dear all,

    I am currently using endpoint encryption manager 5.2.5 and EEFF 3.2.5, but I have got something to ask.

1) Does EEFF 3.2.5 support windows single signed on? I have about one thousand AD users, if EEM enable SSO, do I have to configure each credential?

2) I got error message when opening user in encryption manager, do you guys have any clues?




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Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

1. There's SSO between EEPC and EEFF, but not between Windows and EEFF - For that you'll need to migrate to the forthcoming EEFFv4 and ePO.

2. I think it's just that token is older than the validation engine which was only just introduced. It should not be an issue (unless you are also experiencing token failures?)

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

EEM v4 available for download ?

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

EEM4? Not any more, no - support for the v4 versions of all the Endpoint Encryption stopped on 12th October this year. Remember that v5 became available in 2005, and now v6 is available as well.

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

Well i am doing HDLP integration with EEFF. Everything is works fine except SSO same as johnsonchuang . I need to test even beta version available of EEFF for ePO 4.5, At-least we test in non production machine with HDLP

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

not sure I understand what you want - there's never been SSO between Windows and EEFF before - so you must have known that when you purchased it? EEFF4 uses Windows credentials, not EEM credentials, so it's totally different, but that's not released, only beta to customers who were part of the program.

If you want HDLP/EEFF integration, that's available for v3 HDLP and v3.5 EEFF (if my memory serves), but if you've upgraded to HDLP9 then you need to wait for EEFF4.

If your question is about HDLP+EEFF integration, maybe start a new thread? - this one is about EEFF Single Sign on, where the answer is Not with Windows (never been part of the design), but yes, supported between EEPC5 and EEFF3.

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

I can see the confusion. The config for EEFF Policy has a checkbox for windows password changes. As does the EEPC Config. So it would lead somebody to assume that both products support windows password integration.


Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

As a final note, you know you can use the "autodomain" script to provision users automatically - you don't have to do it yourself. V5.5+ supports both EEPC and EEFF.

So, you can just run this as part of the install set, or get the user to run it manually, and it will ask them for their credentials and provision them directly into EEM for you.

Your platinum support person can probably help out, or you can just download it and work it out - it's a non-supported demo script, but widely used.

Re: EEFF 3.2.5 single sign on support ?

We don't have platinum support. Can you share the script