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E002000A - SafeBoot disk information not present

I'm trying to Safetech a machine and I receive this message:

E002000A - Safeboot disk information not present.

After I click on OK, I receive another error:

Authenticating the user failed with error - E002000A

Any ideas?

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Re: E002000A - SafeBoot disk information not present

The disk info has been rubbished - you'll need to use a machine export. The pre-boot is unviable.

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Re: E002000A - SafeBoot disk information not present

Hello Admin,

   Would you please show that how can i solve this problem ?

Liang FANG

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Re: E002000A - SafeBoot disk information not present

Funny thing, I got this error too. Will see how recovery goes.

Since SbWintech did not show any useful information in Disk Information, I had to apply forced disk sector range decryption (prior to that I have checked if I can see first and last sector in encrypted partition in clear after decrypting workspace). After that finished, I have restored original MBR and removed network cable. Rebooted computer started Windows normally and I was able to check SbClientLog.txt file.

It was synchronizing well, until, suddenly showed:

Error during cryption [e002000e]: Sector chain is invalid

I still don't know what caused sudden change. But PC is recovered and running OK now.

There was also suggestion to perform Emergency Boot, but I did not try that.

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Level 8

Re: E002000A - SafeBoot disk information not present

I'm getting this error again.  I encrypted the machine with EEPC 5.2.4.  This is an OFFLINE installation set.  The machine encrypted successfully.  I restarted and logged on successfully to PBA.  There are no errors in the Status/SBCLIENTLOG.  Now I'm trying to use Safetech to decrypt the drive.  I typed in the code of the day with no errors.  When I try to Authenticate from SBFS, I am asked to enter a user name and password.  Once I type in my credentials I get this error: 

"Setting the disk key failed with error: E002000A" , Then I click OK and get another error: "Authenticating the user failed with error: E002000A".

Any ideas as to why I can't decrypt?  Is there another way to decrypt?  Thanks

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