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Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Hello All,

I created 3 additional partisions on my Western Digital 250GB laptop drive using Partision Magic 8.0.

D: (renamed CD drive letter)



Installed Safeboot 5.1.3 and it encrypted all my partisions. When I restarted my machine I get this error and machine does not boot.

Error 0xe0020007 Error Reading Disk Sector

After doing some searching in this forum came across a post which says not to use Partision Magic as it edits the MBR.

My question is what tool can I use to create multiple partisions and have safeboot work properly after installation and encryption? In addition to Partision Magic 8.0 I also have QTParted. Will that work?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Why not to use Windows partition manager and name partitions C, D and E. CD-Rom can use any other letters, I tend to use R: or Z: for it.

Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues


I am not installing a fresh copy of the OS. I have pre-imaged drive with Windows XP Prof SP3 which has all the software and tools I use. So Windows partition manager is not an option.

Anything else you can suggest?

Also is not using drive letters in sequence an issue for safeboot?


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Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Create image of your C: partition. Restore image, resizing partition to desired size. With rest of the hard disk space you can do what you want. Including Windows partition manager to create additional partitions in free space.

I don't know about partions not in sequence. All systems that I have used, had C, D, and so on partitions. Also, which logical disks get encryption, depend on encryption properties set in EEM for that machine. Normally all logical drives are told to be encrypted.

Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues


Can you please provide some pointers / steps on how to do this? Will I have able to create multiple partisions with this?


Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Sure. Use disk imaging software, like Symantec Ghost. Create image of your disk and store it on external hard drive or network share.

Restore that image to your disk, but select to resize your C: drive to smaller value, let say 100GB. Once it is done, you will have 150GB free disk space that you can partition any way you want, using Windows partition manager.

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Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Partition Magic won't cause a problem with EEPC PRIOR to activation. You can't use it once the EEPC boot code is activated though.

Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

By bootcode activation do you mean installation of the safeboot client (before the machine needs to be re-started and encryption begings)


After machine is re-started and encryption is complete?

The sequence of steps that I took were as follows:

1. Started with a C drive 250 GB (178 GB was free)

2. Ran chkdsk

3. Using Partition Magic 8.0 created 3 more partisions D, H and X

4. Installed Safeboot client 5.1.3

5. Re-started machine and over VPN connected to my companies Safeboot server. The client downloaded the policies and other stuff from the database and encrypted all my partitions.

6. When I restarted the machine next time I got the following error even before getting to the safeboot authentication screen

Error 0xe0020007 Error Reading Disk Sector

So I have decrypted the drive and have merged all partisions back to C ONLY and ran de-frag on the disk.

Was my original sequence correct? How can I proceed to re-partition the drive and successfully installl and run safeboot?

I do not have SYMC Ghost and thus not very inclined to use the solution presented by Peter.


Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

Did you try to install SafeBoot and encrypt your hard drive while having only C: partition?

Is your hard disk healthy? Did you perform full hard disk scan to make sure it does not have bad sectors?

From your current setup, can you post SbClientLog.txt?

Re: Disk Partision and Safeboot Issues

I think your probelm is a bit different. I windows you can only have 4 partitions on a hard drive.

You have used all 4 partitions. Then you put safeboot on.

Maybe safeboot is trying to make a virtual partition to to use to encrypt the system partition and can't because all four partitions are used already.

Try again with only 3 partitions on the drive.