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Disable SSO once

Hi all,

we have EEPC 5.2 in our Company with PBA enabled an SSO.

Sometime i need to Log in in Windows with an other Account then the one i use for the PBA.

I want to use my Domain Account to authenticate in PBA and an local Admin Account to Login in Windows.

Is it possible to disable / bypass SSO once by pressing an special Key? For Example while the blue Bar before PBA is shown, press F9 and after Username and Password in PBA, it boot up until Windows GINA and does not use SSO, so I can login with an other Account then the one I used in PBA.

I dont want the Notebook to boot up complete and then log off and log in again with a different user.



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Re: Disable SSO once

I suppose there is no such option as of now.

- AB

Re: Disable SSO once

Procedure goes like this:-

Log onto PBA using domain account

Allow SSO

"Log off" windows desktop

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, McAfee authentication screen appears (based on SSO options)

Click cancel

Un-tick "use SSO"

Authenticate to McAfee windows using domain account

windows log-on box will appear, leaving you able to use local admin

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