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Disable Preboot Authentication for Safeboot

I am a new employee for my company and the previous IT HElp Desk person saved images using Acronis for departed and current employees. The problem is we use Safeboot, logging in as current employees is obviously no problem, so the problem is with the departed employees.

I have no idea what their passwords would be, they were not set to a default after the employee had left, current admin credentials do not work because they have changed passwords so many times and I don't know how disable the preboot authentication to access their computers because their user profiles/computers are no longer in Endpoint Encryption Manager. As far as I know, the previous tech had to UNencrypt all of the departed employees  to even take an image, so I assume none of them are still encrypted, I just can't find a way to get around the preboot authentication..........

So is their any way to get around the preboot or disable it without the user/computer being in Encryption Manager, maybe some sort of bootable CD????

OR if by chance we get lucky and are able to login as a departed user, can I disable it through windows????

Thank you


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Re: Disable Preboot Authentication for Safeboot

Moved provisionally to Encryption: EEM Managed for better support.

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Re: Disable Preboot Authentication for Safeboot

you can recover the computer using the SafeBoot Administration Console - if the machine is not in there, but you know the credentials, you can remove with WinTech.

if you don't know any credentials and it's not in SBAdmin, there's no way to recover. 

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